Things You Should Know While Hiring a Disability Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio

Posted Date: February 20, 2018 | Categories: Social Security Disability Attorney

When you start thinking about hiring a disability attorney in Columbus, Ohio, you must know three things. Know You Have the Right to Seek Advice and Representation From a Lawyer Your right to speak with an attorney who knows disability law can never be denied. Nor can your right to have a lawyer who handles […]


Being Treated Unfairly by Debt Collectors?

Posted Date: January 15, 2018 | Categories: Debt Collection

As Ohio debt collection attorneys who usually work with companies and service providers to get past-due bills paid, the lawyers with the Jones Law Group know better than anyone that debtors have rights that debt collectors must respect. We take every safeguard to ensure no organization we represent crosses the line into harassing debtors, and […]


Can Employment Discrimination Lead to Unpaid Wages?

Posted Date: December 19, 2017 | Categories: Employment & COBRA Claims

Employment discrimination lies at the heart of many cases involving minimum wage and overtime violations, unequal pay for men and women doing the same jobs, and the denial of pay raises and promotions. Business owners and corporate executives may believe that some employees do not deserve fair or equal pay simply because they are female, […]


What Constitutes a Breach of a Business Partnership Contract

Posted Date: November 29, 2017 | Categories: Contracts

When it comes to a business partnership agreement, a breach occurs when one or more partner Fails to fulfill his or her duties Fails to share complete and factual information with other partners Fails to keep a promise Fails to act in the best interests of the business Fails to obey relevant laws and regulations […]


What is Ohio Education Credentialing?

Posted Date: November 7, 2017 | Categories: Credentialing

Yes, Ohio public school teachers must earn educational credentials to qualify for and maintain their teaching licenses. What many people do not realize is that the same rules apply to nearly all licensed professionals in the Buckeye State. Earning the appropriate education credentials is the primary qualification for becoming everything from a barber or hairdresser […]


Don’t Know Who to Choose? How to Differentiate Lawyers in Ohio

Posted Date: October 13, 2017 | Categories: Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer

Typing “top lawyers in Ohio” or “best attorneys in Ohio” into a search engine like Google or Bing will take you to a range of rankings and ratings compiled by several different organizations. Honestly, this is not the worst way to start looking for a legal representative you can trust and work with. It is, […]


Think You Deserve Disability What Are the Next Steps?

Posted Date: September 29, 2017 |

Suffering an injury or illness that leaves you unable to work and earn a living can leave you feeling helpless and hopeless. The good news is that several governmental and private programs exist to keep people with short- and long-term disabilities from experiencing undue financial hardships. The bad news is that none of the programs […]


How Do I Acquire Utility Collections Services?

Posted Date: September 13, 2017 | Categories: Debt Collection

Attorneys with the Jones Law Group use this webpage to describe why a public or private service provided should consider contracting out utility collections. We also briefly discuss some of our approach to utility collections services, but we have not offered any insights into how an electricity, gas, or water provider might approach the difficult […]


What Is the Maximum SSI Child Disability Benefit in Ohio ?

Posted Date: August 30, 2017 | Categories: Social Security Disability Attorney

How much an eligible child receives in monthly and annual Supplemental Security Income (SSI) will depend on how much income the federal Social Security Administration considers him or her to have from other sources. Those other sources include parents’ earnings, payments from disability assistance programs, trust funds, and cash-generating investments. SSI payments will also be […]


Answers to Basic Social Security Disability Questions

Posted Date: August 8, 2017 |

Everyone starts the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) process with far more questions than answers. The Columbus, Ohio, disability lawyers with the Jones Law Group welcome opportunities to clear up misunderstanding and to guide injured and ill individuals and their families through the Social Security system. Read on for answers to eight of the most […]

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