What Are My Responsibilities When I Hire an Attorney to Do Debt Collection?

Post by: Eric Jones | Posted Date: October 11th, 2018 | Categories: Debt Collection

As Columbus, Ohio-based debt collection lawyers, we handle all the paperwork and court filings required to receive payment on past due bills and delinquent loans. You can click through the five-step process we follow here.

Prior to starting work on a new collections matter, meet with the client in person to make sure we understand the client’s specific goals so we can meet the client’s needs most effectively.

Questions we must have answered before we take over any accounts include the following:

• Who will serve as the principal contact when we need to send updates to and request feedback from the client?
• Should we prioritize certain accounts?
• What should we do when we are unable to make contact with an account holder?
• Do some or all accounts have deadlines for being settled or closed?
• Will the client accept partial payments in order to settle and close accounts? If so, what rules apply for deciding on a settlement offer made by a debtor?
• Do we have authority to negotiate settlements, or should we refer all settlement offers to a client contact?

So, talking through the details of the debt collection project is the first responsibility placed on the client.

The other responsibility of a client who relies on us to provide attorney-managed debt recovery solutions is to transfer all the relevant account information to us. We need, at a minimum, the amount owed, the debtors’ contact information and billing and payment histories. When the client learns of changes to this basic information, we need to receive the updates. If the client doesn’t have current information for the debtor, we have skip tracers who will track down this information.

If you need a debt collection attorney to help with medical billing, education loan recovery, bank loans payments, past due utility bills, or repossession/replevin, do not hesitate to contact the Jones Law Group. We take clients from across the state, and we can schedule appointments online or over the phone at (614) 545-9998.

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